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Your graphics + Our code = HQ templa


Why to code your templates in our studio? 

  • We created valid, semantic and saving code
  • We test the pages in all commonly used and generally available browsers
  • The print styles are a matter of fact for us
  • We deliver small templates within 3 days (It applies to small projects)

A sample of XHTML code
A sample of CSS code

About the projecs 

The project kodéř intends to save graphics designer´s and web designer´s work. We understand to coding doesn´t represent a favourite activity for you. Who would indulge sitting for hours tuning codes for various browsers? With us, you don´t have to think whether you are able to superiorly code your project or not. You can only send us your source file with graphics (.psd) and we will send the whole template back to you.

About us 


This project is operated by the company EDVENS MEDIA s.r.o. We deliver complete web pages, graphic design, patters and retouched photos. For more information you can visit

How much it costs? 

  • Homepage coding from 3.000,- Kč (120,- €)
  • Subpage from 500,- Kč (20,- €)
  • Form from 500,- Kč (20,- €)

Contact us with your particular requirements, we will send you our quotation in turn.

Contact us 

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